Cramped Kitchen.

Welcome to my kitchen; it's cramped! It's not a surplus of kitchen stuff or too much food, but it's the square footage in which I have to cook. I believe I make the best of the space and hope that you will join me as I cook in my cramped kitchen. I have no formal training in cooking (I did almost go to cooking school instead of going into education), but I have experience and great culinary role models. My mother always cooked dinner for me when I was young, and eventually I started experimenting on my own as well. She worked in a local store preparing food (deli sandwiches and Irish food) when I was in elementary school, and that has been forever ingrained in my head. My aunt, another strong influence, joined my family and introduced my family to a whole new range of cooking: specifically Italian and desserts. The years I spent watching her cook and then cooking with her have been invaluable. There are, of course, other influences; Martha Stewart is my biggest outside influence in addition to a variety of celebrity chefs and friends. Here begins the journey, albeit in close quarters, of my simply chic & tasty modern brand of cooking.

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