Stepping Out of My Kitchen: Saving Money in Chinatown

Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in Boston's Chinatown drinking. No, not alcohol, but boba. Haven't heard of boba, maybe you've heard of bubble tea? Same thing. It seems like most people drink the milk tea version, but my favorite is green apple. I am allergic to fresh apples, so anytime I can have apple flavored anything I jump right on it. I have been introduced to quite a few places in Chinatown that are fairly inexpensive, which is why I believe I have been spending lots of time there. I'm just being budget-conscious. Two of my favorite affordable places to go to are The New Dong Khanh and 163 Vietnamese Sandwiches & Bubble Tea.

The New Dong Khanh has recently been remodeled and it is such an improvement. The interior is bright and inviting and the new boba counter is up front and bigger and better. I had been in a few times and just had the green apple boba, but recently I went there for dinner with my friend Alison. We both got boba, obviously, and then we got Pho. I got the chicken pho and she got the seafood pho. The total meal with tip was $12.00 (or $24.00 altogether), that included a boba ($3.50) and the meal. My pho was delicious and the serving size was huge. I have been back many times since then and have even become the "mayor" of the Dong, as we affectionately call it, on foursquare. I am looking forward to going back there and trying more items on their pretty extensive menu and of course getting the best green apple boba in the city of Boston.

The other place that I have been to a few times, mostly for green apple boba, is 163 Vietnamese Sandwiches & Bubble Tea. The real appeal of this place is their $3.00 sandwiches. Seriously $3.00 sandwiches. I believe there are four choices: Cold Cut, BBQ Beef, Pork, and Chicken. The first time I ate here they were out of the sandwiches, they run out of all their bread quickly, which is a sure sign that I am not the only one who has discovered this place. I had the chicken and lo mein the first time I was here and it was decent, not great, but not the worse I've ever had either. I think the real reason was the chicken was a little chewy. I was not swayed by the lack of sandwiches and returned to finally try one. I ordered the pork sandwich and a green apple boba. The sandwich was huge and was filled with pork, veggies, and a sauce; it was delicious. I can see now why the sandwiches are always sold out. Trust me if you've never been, go! If you are coming to Boston and want a cheap meal this is the place. My entire meal (sandwich & boba) cost about $6.00, without a tip because this is more like a sub shop than a restaurant. Seriously, why aren't you there now?


  1. I love boba, but it usually gives me a stomach ache after. Your dinner looks really yummy! My best friend lives in Boston, I'm going to have to tell her to get herself to Chinatown!

  2. Wonderful! Your description of these comfort foods are wonderful! I love a steaming bowl of pho, especially as it colder.

  3. Yum that looks awesome! I've been going to Tealuxe a lot lately and just getting regular iced tea with bubbles. That green apple one sounds sooo good though!


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