Stepping Out of My Kitchen: Wiffle Ball

I realized upon reading many, many blogs daily that my favorite ones are those that give you a little glimpse into the life of the blogger. Whether it be about food, music, fashion, politics, when the blogger infuses their personal life & views into their writing I almost always pop that blog into my google reader. I have decided I need to do more of that here, because while I may love food, love writing the recipes, and photographing the food, I want this blog to be more. So here goes.

I enjoy the summer, the humidity not so much, but being outside in the sun is something I like very much. Not to let the summer pass by without doing something fun with friends, I decided to organize a wiffle ball game. Of course this wiffle ball game escalated into something a bit competitive, but all in good fun really.

We met on the Boston Common the other night after work. Of course, we had to follow regulation wiffle ball rules to begin with, but it loosened up as the night went on. We broke apart into two teams. Team Shark & Team Cat. Team Shark, led by Ryan, eventually beat Team Cat, led by me, in a 3 to 2 victory. What mattered most was that this was fun, not that we lost and they won, but it was a fun summer time game that reminded us playing something as simple as wiffle ball can make you feel young again.
Oh, and kickball is going to be next. I will win (I mean in a totally non-competitive way, of course.)


  1. Umm, dare I say it... FYEAHSHARKS!!

  2. Hahaha...Yes, this time Sharks were victorious, but until next time.