Eggs Benedict with Blender Hollandaise

One of my favorite foods is Eggs Benedict. There is just something so comforting and delicious about it (I mean as long as it's prepared well). I think the thing that makes it my favorite is the hollandaise sauce; the sauce has to be good or there is just no hope for the meal. I am at my parent's house again this weekend spending time with my family and decide to make breakfast. On my list of things to try is a blender hollandaise sauce. I accomplished this using my mother's Magic Bullet. My attempt to counter the buttery deliciousness that is hollandaise sauce, I have chosen to use a turkey bacon and a whole wheat mini bagel.

Ingredients & Directions:

Blender Hollandaise

3 egg yolks
1/2 tspn salt
Dash of Pepper
Dash of Dill (I used parsley here, but please use dill it's so much better)

1 T cream
1 C (1/2 pound) melted sweet butter, heated until bubbling but not brown
1 T lemon juice

Place egg yolks, salt, pepper and cream in blender, blend for a few seconds at high speed until you have a smooth frothy mixture. Still at high speed, start adding hot butter in a thin, steady stream, not too slowly. As you add butter, the sauce should thicken. When half the butter has been added, add lemon juice or vinegar. Continue blending until all butter is used.

Eggs Benedict (without sauce)

Eggs (as many as needed)
Turkey Bacon

Whole Wheat Mini Bagels

You can poach your eggs or as I have an Eggs Benedict pan, which saves so much time and energy. One of my favorite cooking pans. While your eggs are cooking you should cook your bacon until it's cooked to your desired doneness. Toast whole wheat mini bagels. Place bagels on a plate, rest two pieces of bacon on the bagel, and then place poached egg on top of bacon. Pour Blender Hollandaise over eggs and serve hot.
I was so excited when my mother got a blender attachment for her magic bullet. She usually uses it to make smoothies, but since I noticed she had it I have been dying to use it to make something. Slowly pour butter into the removable portion of the magic bullet (or blender) while it is still blending. It should come out creamy. If it is too thick add a little lemon juice (or water if you don't want it too lemony). I like to serve Eggs Benedict with fresh fruit. I served it with a nice fresh piece of watermelon, cubed. Could there be a better summer fruit to serve with one of my favorite meals on one of the hottest summer days?


  1. you are out of control. they are so mini and adorbs, boo.

  2. Eggs benefit is basically my favorite food in the world. We need to have a brunch party!! These are so perfect-looking!!


  3. Once our apartment is complete we can host the brunch party! That would be a lot of fun!